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The ESOP XXXV Meeting will be held in Guildford, UK at the University of Surrey.

19th to 21st of August 2016
Have a look at! This time the conference is NOT on the last weekend of August because of the upcoming solar eclipse.
PHEMU 2015 campaign of the Mutual Phenomena of the Satellites of Jupiter (Aug. 2014 - Aug. 2015)
This was it all with good events!
If you have not send in your observations, please do it as soon as possible. The IMCCE is waiting!
For IOTA members:

GRAZPREP-software: Find and prepare Grazing Occultations in detail
Grazing Occultations of stars by the moon are local events and thus require an individual selection according to personal observation preferences. The GRAZPREP-software assists in all aspects of finding individually interesting events as well as selecting the best observing stations promising the most contacts between the star and the lunar limb in high resolution. GRAZPREP can be downloaded and installed, including a step by step operation tutorial. Go to the Members login part of the website!
Occultations to Monitor Pluto's Atmosphere Before and During the New Horizons Flyby
The Pluto mission "New Horizons" is just a little more than 1 year away from its first destination, the Pluto system. In July next year the flyby will take place. Therefore the upcoming occultations of bright stars by Pluto are the last chance, to monitor Pluto's atmosphere in the time before the flyby. The next occultation is on the 5th of July 2014. Stellar Magnitude 15m7. Visible from southern Europe! Read more!
(10199) Chariklo Occults 12th mag Star UCAC4 256-124411 for southern Africa
IOTA-ES took part in the successful campaign The multi-national campaign set up stations from Windhoek to the southern part of South Africa. Chariklo's ring has been detected again. The background of the campaign can be found in the following pages: On the 29th of April an occultation of a bright star (12th mag) UCAC4 256-124411 will take place for southern Africa.The event will be at 23h09min UTC for central occultation. The shadow will hit southern Africa around 23h13min UTC. Read more!
Minor Planet Occultations of Bright Stars
Occultations by stars brighter than about 9th mag will be presented in this blog.
Grazing Occultations of Stars by the Moon
A field of professional astronomy between science and beauty Among all occultation phenomena in the sky grazing occultations of stars by the moon have a very unique character. The observation of these spectacular events ... read the overview in full length!
For Occultwatcher Users
European Feed for Lunar Occultations of Double Stars
There is a "Lunar Occultations Add-in" for "OccultWatcher" ready for download to get in OW interesting lunar occultations of double and suspected double stars. Read more..

TU24 movement

Asteroid TU24
recorded from Munich around 1h 10min UT on 30th Jan 2008. Fast motion (5x). Near miss of 11m9 star TYC 4140-520

creates a database for professional and amateur observatories!. Have a look to their questionaire! Read more...

Information about running TNO campaigns
Information about running campaigns for TNO occultations you can find here at Felipe Braga-Ribas website. Follow up the prediction process and get ready to observe if it is in your area!

The XXXV European Symposion on Occultation Projects will be held in Guildford at the University of Surrey. 19th to 21st of August.
Have a look!!
The Journal for Occultation Astronomy
is now free for all, except the last 2 issues. Get it for free!
Call for Observations!
Occultations of Bright Stars by Minor Planets can be found HERE
Reporting lunar occultations
The most significant change for 27 years in reporting lunar occultations is now underway. You have to know, how to report lunar occultations from now on! Your reports have to be sent to a new mailing address.

Dave Herald reports from Canberra, Australia
Iota Occultation Camera (IOC)
IOC_symbolRead more
How many photons
do you get from a star?
GPS ... Where am I ?
Positionsbestimmung mit GPS und Karte... in German
The Artificial Night Sky Brightness
for Occultation Observing Stations in Europe