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Occultation of 4UC 256-124411 by
(10199) Chariklo.

After the discovery of a ring system by Braga-Ribas, F. et al. Nature 13155(2014) the upcoming occultation may draw your attention. The object is of enormous interest for research. Occultation astronomy is the most powerful technique to gain further knowledge about this little ring system.

On the 29th of April an occultation of a bright star (12th mag) will take place for southern Africa.The event will be at 23h09min UTC for central occultation. The shadow will hit southern Africa around 23h13min UTC.

Keep in mind, that the occultation has to be observed about 10 minutes before and after, to ensure, that 1) enough data have been collected for noise evaluation of your data set and 2) that possible other rings (undetected up to now) may occult the star.

The following finder charts are base on the UCAC4 catalog and the DSS2R catalog.

Generated by XEPHEM software.


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Infos of the occulted star you find here

Overview of the Chariklos shadow track over the world:

Occultation track for the Chariklo event on the
29th of April 2014.

Best prediction available for the moment: (B. Sicardy, F. Riba-Bragas

In green there are possible observatories involved in the campaign.

Based on the latest updates, B. Sicardy sent the following graphs, which show the chords with respect to two different ring positions. The upper one with the preferred ring pole position, and the lower on with the alternative pole (see Braga-Ribas et al, Nature 2014)

They show that if we get the rings with at least 2 chords, it will be enough to discriminate between the two solutions.

These maps are the latest updates 27th of April.