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Pluto Occults UCAC4 336-196144 on 2021 November 19 in Europe, predicted by the Lucky Star Team.

In the early evening of November 19th Pluto will occult UCAC4 336-196144 (13.1 G-mag) in the constellation Sagittarius.
The southern part of the path will cross central Europe from the West to the East just after dusk. The maximum duration of the occultation is calculated to 112.5 s. In the case of an occultation by Pluto the combined magnitude of target star and Pluto will drop about 1.9 mag. The target area is located low in the southwestern sky at the time of occultation.

Observers with video or CCD cameras should be aware that fading of the light flux is possible due to the atmosphere of Pluto. Please choose the exposure time and gain of your camera carefully and avoid any saturation of the combined object target star/Pluto.

Path map for Europe

About the map:
The path was predicted by the Lucky Star team. Map: Occult V4.12.15.5. Prediction of 2021 Oct 17.

Prediction by the LuckyStar team:

Link to the prediction by the Lucky Star team:

Link to the event in the OW Cloud:

Good Luck for your observation!

Oliver Klös
Public Relations