The following people have registered for the ESOP XL:

(listed in alphabetical order of the surname)

Name Country Lecture
Tom Alderweireldt (ZOOM) Belgium -
Sven Andersson Germany -
Pascal Andre,
accompanied by Chantal and Alice ANDRE and others.
France DIY: make the cheapest and probably the smallest VTI in the world
Leroy Arnaud (ZOOM) France -
Djounai Baba Aissa (ZOOM) Algieria Analysis of a new stellar occultation by asteroids among Algeria territory
Wolfgang Beisker (ZOOM) Germany -
Christoph Bittner (ZOOM) Germany -
Roland Boninsegna (ZOOM) Belgium -
Maciej Borkowski Poland -
Mieczysław Borkowski Poland -
Eberhard H. R. Bredner, PhD Germany Max and Moritz observe minor planets
Wojciech Burzyński Poland Daylight grazing occultation of Asellus Borealis on Sep 14, 2020
Daniel Błażewicz Poland -
Ricard Casas, PhD (ZOOM) Spain -
Jean François Coliac (ZOOM) France -
Andreas Dill Belgium -
Joan Dunham, IOTA Secretary/Treasurer, (ZOOM) USA -
David Waring Dunham, PhD (ZOOM) USA Accurate NEO Orbits from Occultation Observations
Chad Ellington USA -
João Ferreira, PhD Portugal Asteroid astrometry by stellar occultations: statistics on accuracy from orbital fitting
Kai Getrost (ZOOM) USA -
Altair Ramos Gomes Júnior, PhD (ZOOM) Brazil The python library SORA: Stellar Occultation Reduction and Analysis
Konrad Guhl,
accompanied by Elke Guhl.
Germany The expedition telescope "M2" - history and observation successes
Bernd Gährken Germany Graze of Asellus Borealis on Sep 14, 2020
Werner Hasubick (ZOOM) Germany -
Martina Haupt Germany -
Tim Haymes (ZOOM) England -
Maciej Jarmoc Poland -
Coliac Jean François (ZOOM) France -
Oliver Klös Germany Lunar Occultation of HIP 36603, 2021 Feb 23 - A Double Star Discovery?
Sławomir Kruczkowski Poland -
Jiří Kubánek,
accompanied by Lucie Kubánková and others.
Czechia The occultation by asteroid 1997 WP21 and other Czech observations
Yücel Kılıç (ZOOM) Turkey -
Anna Marciniak, PhD Poland Upgrade of the photometric telescope in Borowiec for occultation work
Jordi Marco (ZOOM) Spain -
Stefan Meister (ZOOM) Switzerland -
Marek Nikołajuk, PhD Poland -
Miroslav Poláček (ZOOM) Czechia -
Robert Purvinskis (ZOOM) Germany GoeEcl: an update to a deep occultation event search
Eberhard Riedel, PhD (ZOOM) Germany -
Flavia Luane Rommel (ZOOM) Brazil Stellar occultations by 2002 MS4: preliminary results
Pablo Santos-Sanz, PhD (ZOOM) Spain The ESOP2022 in Granada, Spain
Carles Schnabel (ZOOM) Catalonia -
Andreas Schweizer (ZOOM) Switzerland Current state of the DVTI Camera Project
Antoni Selva (ZOOM) Catalonia -
Manmeet Singh Virdi (ZOOM) India -
Nikos Sioulas (ZOOM) Greece -
Miguel Sánchez (ZOOM) Spain -
Andreas Tegtmeier,
accompanied by Carmen Tegtmeier.
Germany -
Vagelis Tsamis (ZOOM) Greece -
Serge Vasseur (ZOOM) France -
Christian Weber, PhD (ZOOM) Germany -
Jan Maarten Winkel (ZOOM) Netherlands -
Patrick Wullaert (ZOOM) France -
Nikolai Wünsche,
accompanied by Annette Wünsche.
Germany -
Marek Zawilski, PhD Poland The role of historical occultation observations
Petr Zeleny (ZOOM) Czechia -
Olcaytuğ Özgüllü (ZOOM) Turkey -
and 2 others.