The following people have registered for the ESOP XL:

(listed in alphabetical order of the surname)

Name Country Lecture
Pascal ANDRE,
accompanied by Chantal and Alice ANDRE and others.
France -
Maciej Borkowski Poland -
Eberhard H. R. Bredner, PhD Germany Max and Moritz observe minor planets
Wojciech Burzyński Poland TBD
Daniel Błażewicz Poland -
Andreas Dill Belgium -
João Ferreira, PhD Portugal Asteroid astrometry by stellar occultations: statistics on accuracy from orbital fitting
Konrad Guhl,
accompanied by Elke Guhl.
Germany The expedition telescope "M2" - history and observation successes
Coliac Jean François France -
Anna Marciniak, PhD Poland Upgrade of the photometric telescope in Borowiec for occultation work
Marek Nikołajuk, PhD Poland -
Agnieszka Nowak,
accompanied by Teresa Nowak.
Poland -
Pablo Santos-Sanz, PhD Spain The ESOP2022 in Granada, Spain
Nikolai Wünsche,
accompanied by Annette Wünsche.
Germany -