The following people have registered for the ESOP XLI:

(listed in alphabetical order of the surname; (Z): online participant via Zoom)

Name Country Talk / Poster
Tom Alderweireldt + 1 Belgium -
Sergio Alonso Burgos Spain -
Sven Andersson Germany -
Djounai BABA AISSA (Z) Algeria Observation of relevant future stellar occultations by NEAs in Algeria in 2022
Karl-Ludwig Bath + 1 Germany -
Wolfgang Beisker Germany -
Christoph Bittner (Z) Germany -
Maciej Borkowski Poland -
Wojciech Burzynski Poland -
Daniel Błażewicz (Z) Poland -
Ricard Casas Spain -
Andrés Chapman (Z) Argentina -
Apostolos Christou (Z) United Kingdom (1) Extraterrestrial occultations: the Beagle 2 experiment / (2) AOP proposal to hold the 2023 ESOP at Armagh, Northern Ireland, UK
Andreas Dill + 2 Belgium -
René Duffard Spain -
David W. Dunham (Z) USA -
Estela Fernández-Valenzuela (Z) USA -
João Ferreira Greece ACROSS: The Campaign for occultations by DART target Didymos
Javier Flores Spain An expedition to observe an occultation by the Near Earth Object Didymos on August 24, 2022 in southern Spain [poster]
Rui Goncalves + 2 Portugal -
Konrad Guhl + 1 Germany (1) News about the (IOTA-ES) M2 expedition telescope / (2) Plans for the TSE 2023 in Australia
Bernd Gährken Germany Diffraction effects at ETA-Leo's occultation in May 2022
Werner Hasubick (Z) Germany -
Martina Haupt Germany -
Tim Haymes United Kingdom Largerkist, a possible explanation of the 2018 observation [poster]
Jost Jahn (Z) Germany -
Markus Kempf (Z) Germany -
Bernd Klemt (Z) Germany -
Oliver Klös + 1 Germany -
Roman Kostenko Switzerland Eclipse trips in 2020-2022 incl covid period [poster]
Mike Kretlow Spain On the stellar occultations by comets 28P and 430P
Jiří Kubánek + 3 Czechia Occultations by Asteroids - Highlights for Europe in 2023
Yücel Kılıç (Z) Turkey -
Arnaud Leroy (Z) France -
Chrystian Luciano Pereira Brazil Topographic evidence in the Trojans (3451) Mentor, (2207) Antenor, and (58931) Palmys from Stellar Occultations [poster]
Anna Marciniak Poland First results from stellar occultation campaign on slow rotators
Jordi Marco (Z) Spain -
Nicolas Morales Spain -
Bruno Morgado (Z) Brasil SORA: Stellar Occultation Reduction and Analysis
Jan Mánek (Z) Czechia -
Michael OConnell (Z) Ireland -
Jose L. Ortiz Spain Some results from occultations by TNOs and Centaurs and prospects for the future
Julia Perła (Z) Poland Analysis of stellar occultations by asteroids observed from station in Borowiec
Joan Rovira Picañol (Z) Spain -
Alexander Pratt United Kingdom Experiences of observing the 2017 October 5 Triton occultation
Vaclav Priban Czechia -
Robert Purvinskis (Z) Germany Baltic Adventure: Hyperborea, 23 Aug 2022
Altair Ramos Gomes Júnior (Z) Brazil Prediction of stellar occultations by the space telescope CHEOPS
Udo Reffke (Z) Germany -
Maria Rodriguez-Arias Spain -
Antonio Román Reche Spain -
Miguel Sanchez Gonzalez Spain -
Pablo Santos-Sanz Spain (1) The stellar occultation by the trans-Neptunian object (38628) Huya / (2) Stellar occultations by TNOs from JWST?
Frank Schaffer + 1 Germany -
Carles Schnabel + 1 Spain -
Andreas Schweizer (Z) Switzerland DVTI camera project status update and kickstarter campaign kickoff
Antoni Selva Spain -
Bruno Sicardy + 1 France The search for material around (50000) Quaoar
Costantino Sigismondi (Z) Italy Refraction at the horizon measured by sunrise and sunset timing
Nick Sioulas (Z) Greece -
Julio C. Spagnotto (Z) Argentina -
Stefano Sposetti (Z) Switzerland -
Andreas Tegtmeier + 1 Germany -
Mónica Vara-Lubiano Spain -
Serge Vasseur (Z) France -
George Viscome (Z) USA -
Derrick Ward + 1 United Kingdom -
Christian Weber (Z) Germany -
Aldo Wilberger (Z) Argentina -
Jan Maarten Winkel (Z) Netherlands -
Nikolai Wuensche + 1 Germany -
Victor de Ory Guimera Spain -