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Occultations by Asteroids

> An overview of prediction, observation and analysis of occultation of stars by asteroids you can find here:

Sternbedeckungen durch Kleinplaneten - eine lohnende Aufgabe für Amateure

This is a reprint of an article of M. Federspiel in the "Journal für Astronomie" (edition 2001) of the VdS (= Vereinigung der Sternfreunde e.V.). This article is written in German language.

Informations of upcoming events of occultations by minor planets are given here:

Asteroidal Occultations (Europe)

Neglected asteroids   / Slow Rotators

A special campaign organized by Prof. Anna Marciniak. Have a look!

Occultations of Minor Planets by the Moon

These events are very rare because only a few minor planets, which could be occulted by the Moon, are getting bright enough to be observable against the dark lunar limb.

Dave Herald lists the following minor planets in OCCULT:

(1) Ceres		(6) Hebe		(15) Eunomia
(2) Pallas		(7) Iris		(18) Melpomene
(3) Juno 		(8) Flora   		(29) Amphitrite
(4) Vesta		(9) Metis

Upcoming Occultations in Europe
There are no occultations of the listed minor planets by the Moon visible in Europe in the years 2018 - 2023.

The occultations of (9) Metis (8m.9) at 2019 Nov 10 and (29) Amphitrite (9m.7) at 2021 Jan 30 will be drowned in the light of the nearly full Moon.