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Important Occultations of Planets and by Planets

Here we present important events for 2022 - 2027..

Occultations of Planets by the Moon

The Moon regularly occults inner and outer planets. These occultations have no scientific value but show the dynamics of our Solar system impressively.

Upcoming Occultations in Europe in 2022 - 2027

Occultations of Stars by Planets

The observability of an occultation of a star by a planet depends on the ratio of brightness between the occulted star and the planet. Faint stars are not detectable close to a bright planet. However, if the star is sufficiently bright, an observation of such an occultation is scientifically valuable, e.g. allowing studies of the planet's atmospheric structure.

Upcoming Occultations in Europe
For the years 2022 to 2027 there are no occultations visible in Europe.

Occultations of Stars by Planetary Satellites

Successfully observed occultations of stars by planetary satellites are very valuable. On one hand they give confirmation of the calculated ephemerides of the planetary moon, on the other hand these events provide new data about the structure of the atmosphere of some moons.

Upcoming Occultations in Europe 2022 - 2027
Jupiter’s satellite Ganymede occults HIP 37442 (7.5 mag) on 2025 Oct 14 across Europe except for the southern part. The drop in magnitude is very low (0.1 mag). The duration of the occultation is 1030 s. The target star will be about 48 deg above the eastern horizon at the time of occultation. The 46% illuminated Moon is just 4 deg away.
Prediction map from Dave Herald’s Occult V4

Occultations of Minor Planets by the Moon

These events are very rare because only a few minor planets, which could be occulted by the Moon, are getting bright enough to be observable even at the dark Moon limb.

Dave Herald lists in OCCULT the following minor planets:

(1) Ceres		(6) Hebe		(15) Eunomia
(2) Pallas		(7) Iris		(18) Melpomene
(3) Juno 		(8) Flora   		(29) Amphitrite
(4) Vesta		(9) Metis

Upcoming Occultations in Europe 2022 - 2027

2024 May 12, ~23:30 UT: Asteroid (9) Metis (11.2 mag) will be occulted by the 26% illuminated Moon. Visible in western Europe.
World map made with D. Herald’s Occult V4

2024 Aug 02, ~ 04:00 UT: Asteroid (29) Amphitrite (11.2 mag) will be occulted by the 5% illuminated Moon. Visible in western Europe before dawn.
World map made with D. Herald’s Occult V4

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