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IOTA Server (USA)

Bruno Sicardy and his team at Observatoire d' Paris / Meudon with many predictions & results more....

Lucky Star Project for TNOs and Centaurs in the frame of the European-funded Lucky Star project More...

Steve Preston's Asteroid Occultation Updates, a MUST for every observer! More...

Dave Herald is the author of WINOCCULT, a cornerstone in occultation predictions!
Now in Version 4.x!  More...

IOTA/ME The International Occultation Timing Association / Middle East (IOTA/ME) was officially recognized and began its activities in November 2010 on behalf of IOTA Have a look!

CORA Collaborative Occultation Resources and Archive (CORA)
A database to handle occultation results, designed and managed by Mike Kretlow.   Have a look!

Gerhard Dangl's homepage from Austria with a lot of info about video and time keeping. More...

Partners and Friends

Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand Occultation Section
What the IOTA community is about in New Zealand!

IOTA India Official Site Have a look at the website of our Indian colleagues!

Stellar Occultation Timing Association Switzerland (SOTAS) is a working group of the Swiss Astronomical Society. The members are engaged in the observation and the recording of occultations of stars, caused by astronomical bodies such as asteroids, moons and planets. Have a look!

Euraster, a historical website for asteroidal occultation observers in Europe up to 2022. And infos about Planoccult. More ...

Hristo Pavlov,
the creator of the OccultWatcher software and of other astronomical software, has his website here.

for the analysis of digial video recordings. If you are serious in getting lightcurves, visit this site. 

Older Webpages

Otto Farago's Homepage...
A collection of occultation related items, important for every occultation observer from our friend Otto Farago, who died in 2016.

Jan Manek
's Occultation website for Europe, North Africa and Middle East. Predictions and results more...

EAON,the European Asteroidal Occultation Network, many info's and results to look at!