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Guidelines for Occultation Observations

Here we have some guidelines, report forms and other manuals for the work in occultation astronomy. Some of the articles are in German, they will be translated in the nearest future. you should look from time to time to this page, to see more and more information articles coming up.

You can download these guidelines in pdf format. you can copy them to other websites, as long as you use a proper citation.

  • A guide to Video Astrometry from Alex Pratt  download as pdf

  • Anleitung zum Ausfuellen der Beobachtungsmeldung zu einer Bedeckung durch einen Asteroiden (deutsches Formular)  download as pdf

  • Bedeckungsereignisse beobachten von Nicolai Wuensche, IOTA/ES  download as pdf

  • Beobachtungsmeldung (German Version)  download as txt file

  • Report form (english version)   download as txt file

  • Einstieg in die visuelle Messung von Sternbedeckungen durch Asteroiden von Oliver Kloes, IOTA/ES   download as pdf

  • Observing Occultations Using Video: A Beginner’s Guide from the RASNZ, Copyright © 2015 Occultation Section of the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand, Jacqueline Milner & Graham Blow, Editors. All rights reserved.  download as pdf

  • Tutorial - Using Occult for (Total) Lunar Occultation prediction, reporting and analysis. Dave Gault and Dave Herald .  download as pdf

  • Instructions for Minor Planet Occultation Observation. Tereza Brejchová, 2019, in Czech language.  download as pdf