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Masthead of ON from 1974 - 1996 calligraphed by Raymond Franklin DaBoll, father of the first editor of ON, Homer F. DaBoll

The Occultation Newsletter Heritage Project

The Occultation Newsletter (ON), precursor of the Journal for Occultation Astronomy (JOA), was published by IOTA from July 1974 to October 2009. Over 120 issues in 14 volumes, more than 2,000 pages, gave predictions for upcoming occultations and reported observations by stations from all over the world. During the pre-internet times, the printed ON was the source for valuable information about occultations and was mailed by postal service. Later issues were distributed as PDFs for download by the worldwide members of IOTA.

All the issues of ON have been freely available as downloadable PDFs for quite a while. Unfortunately, many issues are poor quality scans and are hard to read.

"The Occultation Newsletter Heritage Project" presents for the first time all issues as good quality readable PDFs with bookmarks and the facility for the reader to search the articles for specific terms. Added hyperlinks in articles are checked for their current availability and marked if these are broken.

This project wants to make this valuable resource, compiled by the occultation community all over the world, accessible for beginners and veterans in occultation work and for historians as well.

Many thanks for your support:

● Dietmar Büttner, John W. Briggs and Tom Alderweireldt for providing good quality scans of required copies of Occultation Newsletter.

● Hilary Hargis & Jenny Novacescu (Library of the Space Telescope Science Institute) and Mike Kretlow for printed copies of ON from their archives.

Oliver Klös

Stefan Meister from the Swiss SOTAS organization has compiled an index for all ON issues.
You can download the index as a pdf or as an xlsx file. In the xlsx file you will find also the index for our JOA issues, as can be found on our JOA issues page.

ON issues recovered as pdf files

Volume 1: 1974 July - 1978 August

 V1/1  V1/2  V1/3  V1/4  V1/5  V1/6  V1/7  V1/8
 V1/9  V1/10  V1/11  V1/12  V1/13  V1/14  V1/15  V1/16

Volume 2: 1978 November - 1982 June

 V2/1  V2/2  V2/3  V2/4  V2/5  V2/6  V2/7  V2/8
 V2/9  V2/10  V2/11  V2/12  V2/13  V2/14  V2/15  V2/16

Volume 3: 1982 November - 1986 June

 V3/1  V3/2  V3/3  V3/4  V3/5  V3/6  V3/7  V3/8
 V3/9  V3/10  V3/11  V3/12  V3/13  V3/14  V3/15  V3/16

Volume 4: 1986 July - 1990 June

 V4/1  V4/2  V4/3  V4/4  V4/5  V4/6  V4/7  V4/8
 V4/9  V4/10  V4/11  V4/12  V4/13  V4/14  V4/15  V4/16

Volume 5: 1990 November - 1993 May

 V5/1  V5/2  V5/3  V5/4  V5/5  V5/6  V5/7  V5/8
 V5/9  V5/10  V5/11  V5/12

Volume 6: 1993 November - 1997 December

 V6/1  V6/2  V6/3  V6/4  V6/5  V6/6  V6/7  V6/8
 V6/9  V6/10  V6/11  V6/12  V6/13  V6/14  V6/15  V6/16

Volume 7: 1998 May - 1999 September

V7/1  V7/2  V7/3  V7/4

Volume 8: 2000 June - 2002 January

V8/1  V8/2  V8/3  V8/4

Volume 9: 2002 March - 2003 May*

V9/1  V9/2  V9/3  V9/4

Volume 10: 2003 September - 2004 May*

V10/1  V10/2  V10/3  V10/4

Volume 11: 2004 October - 2005 July*

V11/1  V11/2  V11/3  V11/4

Volume 12: 2005 July - 2006 April*

V12/1  V12/2  V12/3  V12/4

Volume 13: 2006 November - 2008 September*

V13/1_IOTA      V13/1_IOTA/ES     V13/2  V13/3  V13/4

Volume 14: 2009 July*


* Dates refer to actual publication dates and differ from dates on the cover.

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