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Occultation by Triple System (45) Eugenia across Europe, 2021 Feb 25

Asteroid (45) Eugenia (13.4 mag) and its satellites Petit-Prince and S/2004 (45) 1 will occult an 11.6 mag star around 18:04 UT on 2021 February 25. The predictions below are based on data from JPL Horizons and IMCCE.

The Target Star

TYC 0640-00901-1
RA 02 48 27.578 DE +09 52 40.066 (astrometric)
RA 02 49 34.5     DE +09 57 46.8 (of date)
Constellation: Cetus
Vmag: 11.6

The Paths

(45) Eugenia
Russia, Latvia, Lituhania, Poland, Germany and the Netherlands at dusk.
Expected maximum duration: 7.4 s

Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France at dusk.
Expected maximum duration: 0.3 s

S/2004 (45) 1, „Petite-Princesse“
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and France at dusk.
Expected maximum duration: 0.2 s

Drop in magnitude of all events: 2.0 mag

Figure 1. Animation of the three paths were predicted with data from JPL Horizons and Miriade (IMCCE) on 2021 February 17. Graphic made with Dave Herald’s Occult V4.

Details, times and path coordinates of Steve Preston’s prediction for (45) Eugenia:

A path map of (45) Eugenia with zoom function is available on Derek C. Breit’s web page (IOTA):

Please choose the exposure time and gain of your camera carefully. A high frame rate is necessary for the detection of the occultations by the moons.

Good luck with your observation,

Oliver Klös
IOTA/ES, Public Relations