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Inauguration of the 0.5m mobile telescope "m2" of IOTA-ES

Here you see pictures from the inauguration party of the 0.5m mobile telescope m2. The party was held at the Archenhold Observatory in Berlin. We thank the team of the observatory, to let us use their facilities.

The instrument has a diameter of 0.5m with a focal length of about 2000mm. It is mounted in an azimuthal mounting, which can be driven by a computer drive with a GOTO system.

The instrument has no secondary mirror, instead of it the camera is mounted behind a coma-corrector directly in the focus.

The name of the instrument "m2" references the two persons, who did the main part of the telescope construction, Michael Busse and Michael Dohrmann. We have to thank them specially for their excellent work.

The first real observation for this instrument was the Pluto occultation on the 19th of July 2016. Konrad Guhl and Michael Dohrmann drove with the instrument to northern Italy, to the Plose near Bressarone in the Alto Adige province (South Tirol). Here you see the instrument in Front of the Hotel.

The instrument in front of the little Hotel in around 2000m elevation on the Plose mountain near Brixen (Bressarone).

Here you see the full moon rising short before the observation. In the background the wonderful scene of the Dolomites.

The instrument can easily be packed in a station wagon.