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Occultations of Planets by the Moon

The Moon regularly occults inner and outer planets. These occultations have no scientific value but show the dynamics of our Solar system impressively.

Upcoming Occultations in Europe in 2018 - 2023

(Events completely in daytime are not listed)
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2019 Feb 02 Saturn (0m.6)
Time of conjunction: 07h 05.4m U.T.
Moon illumination: 6%
Solar elongation: 28 deg


2020 Sep 06 Mars (-1m.9)
Time of conjunction: 04h 46.1m U.T.
Moon illumination: 86%
Solar elongation: 136 deg




2022 Sep 14 Uranus (5m.7)
Time of conjunction: 22h 58.7m U.T.
Moon illumination: 77%
Solar elongation: 123 deg
2022 Dec 05 Uranus (5m.7)
Time of conjunction: 17h 59.3m U.T.
Moon illumination: 94%
Solar elongation: 152 deg
2022 Dec 08 Mars(-1m.9)
Time of conjunction: 04h 46.1m U.T.
Moon illumination: 100%
Solar elongation: 177 deg.


2023 Jan 01 Uranus (5m.7)
Time of conjunction: 22h 16.2m U.T.
Moon illumination: 78%
Solar elongation: 124 deg
2023 Feb 28 Mars (0m.4)
Time of conjunction: 4h 31.8m U.T.
Moon illumination: 58%
Solar elongation: 99 deg

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