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IOTA/ES Workshop about QHY 174M GPS

And a tutorial about SharpCap, Timestamps and Tangra!

A workshop about the camera with precise GPS timing was held at Archenhold-Sternwarte, Berlin, Germany, on 2020 Feb 29.

Dr. Christian Weber, IOTA/ES, presented the installation, the settings for this camera in Robin Glover’s software SharpCap and his measurements about the timing accuracy of the camera/GPS system.

His presentations are now available for the community of occultation observers in PDF format. A worksheet for users will be prepared and announced in the upcoming months.

The workshop was held in two parts.

1. Introduction to basic use


  • - Example of positive events

  • - Hardware of camera

  • - Adaption to telescope and PC

  • - Driver

  • - Recording

  • - Data reduction

  • - Useful Links

  • Here you can find the pdf of the presentation

    2. Introduction to advanced use


  • - Example. Sylvia 1 event - 2 independent observing systems

  • - LED calibration - needed?

  • - LED calibration - how to do it?

  • - Time accuracy - Example: indirect photo flash

  • - Time accuracy - SEXTA tests

  • - QHY174GPS firmware

  • - Additional SharpCap features: plate solving, mount control, scripting

  • - Useful links

  • - Summary and future tasks

  • Here you can find the pdf of the presentation

    3. Sample of configuration file for SharpCap

    If you have questions about this camera or the procedures , contact us by EMAIL