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Occultation by (87) Sylvia and its Satellites Romulus and Remus, 2020 Feb 10

In October 2019 an occultation by the triple system of asteroid and its two moons was successfully observed in Europe. Now there is another opportunity to learn more about (87) Sylvia and its satellites. But the targest star is much fainter, so large apertures are needed for detections of occultations by Romulus and Remus.

The triple asteroid system (87) Sylvia will occult a 14.3 mag star around 21:45 UT on 2020 Feb 10.

Path of (87) Sylvia:
Ukraine, Moldavia, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK, Ireland

Path of Romulus:
Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, France

Path of Remus:
Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, France

Calculations by Frédéric Vachier et al. (IMCCE) with separate path maps for (87) Sylvia and the moons can be found here:

Good luck for your observations,

Oliver Klös
IOTA/ES, Public Relations